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Let The Nightlife Begin

While swimming during the day is an excellent way to enjoy the sun, get fit and more,  immersing yourself in the water under the starry night sky adds a charming touch to the whole affair. And what better way to magnify your nighttime swimming experience than with the newest LED pool lights?

LED Pool Lighting

Swimming pool lights have changed drastically in the past years as LED pool lights have revolutionized how we enjoy swimming after sunset. These innovative lights illuminate the water with vibrant hues, creating a mesmerizing ambiance that transforms your pool into a beautiful oasis. With a wide array of colors and lighting modes, you can set the perfect mood for any occasion.

Imagine stepping into the pool as it glows with a gentle blue, evoking a sense of calmness and tranquility. The soothing colors wrap around you, casting a magical aura that amplifies your relaxation. As you swim through the water, the lights shimmer and dance with every stroke, creating a symphony of colors that follows your movements.

Color-Changing LED Lights

But the magic doesn’t stop there. LED color-changing pool lights also offer dynamic lighting effects, such as color transitions, pulsating patterns, and synchronized light shows. You can customize the lighting scheme to match your mood or the theme of your poolside gathering. Whether you’re hosting a lively pool party or seeking a personal sanctuary for reflection, the lights can adapt to suit your desires.


Energy Efficient and Brilliant

ED lights are energy-efficient, more brilliant than traditional bulbs and long-lasting, ensuring your nighttime swimming experience remains vibrant and cost-effective. Their durability and resistance to water make them a perfect addition to any pool environment, allowing you to enjoy their stunning effects for years to come.

So start now and glimmer poolside with the touch of LED lights! Get in touch with us today.

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A Veteran’s Pool Company specializes in residential and commercial in-ground swimming pool renovations and repairs, including the addition of color-changing LED lights.

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Gus W.
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Darren and his crew did an amazing job. Darren answered all our questions and guided us through the whole project. His crew did an excellent job, were very professional, on time, and paid close attention to detail. We are extremely happy with our pool makeover and would highly recommend Darren and A Veteran’s Pool Company.
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We worked with Darren when he was still at ASP. We hired him and his crew to redo our entire backyard (deck and pool). In summary, Darren is the best contractor we have ever worked with. He stayed directly engaged with us through the entire project and delivered on every aspect of the job. This project was like heart surgery for our backyard, and Darren stayed on top of it at every step. What I liked the most was how the job was completed 100% – Darren went the extra mile to ensure our complete satisfaction! We highly recommend him!
Ritu G.
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One of the best contractors I have ever worked with. I don’t usually write reviews but I wanted to leave one for Darren. He was great to work with. I would highly recommend him.

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